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From Annapolis — 03/20/2009

Pay's not that great at first because they want you to prove yourself early on, which is understandable. You get rewarded with some pretty good salary bumps if you step up and take on responsibilities others won't. And believe it when I tell you thereís plenty of responsibility to take on that others wonít! To stand out and look good at my location, all you have to is your job, since there are so many that donít. In the last 10 years my average annual salary has increased 11% per year. Can't complain too much there.
Benefits are noticeably lacking in the area of vacation. You start with 15 days per year, then have to wait 15 years for your next 5-day bump. The next 5 day bump comes at 20 years and that's max until retirement. In 2010 they're moving to a cumulative system for earning monthly vacation.
On hiring, they've become better over the years at promoting from within, but still not where they should be. They suck on certain hiring practices, such as allowing local managers to hire people without the pre-requisite skills, experience, or training to do a job they're being hired for; at a salary and position above other senior employees who've been there longer; that do have the knowledge, training, and experience. Not a big trust & morale booster.
This is due mainly to them following the trendy new fads in reverse discrimination practices going on across the country these days (inappropriately supported & subsidized by our tax dollars via the Federal Gov't I might add). Things like hiring quotas for women & minorities, EOE, Diversity, and other things ACLU-types love. Doesn't matter if they're qualified, but if their gender and race fit the "Affirmative Action" profile - They're Good to Go! As such, Northropís is stacking up a lot of "Dead Wood" on the payroll, making it hard for real, qualified, experienced workers, who have to carry the load, to meet deliveries within budget and schedule.
You've got about 1/3 Bust-Ass True Workers, 1/3 Incompetent Do Just Enough to Get-Byers, and 1/3 Somebody Needs to Just Shoot My Lazy Good-for Nothing Ass Sleepers. There's plenty of Nepotism and many other "...isms" to be found at Northrop, that their HR departments need to purge (but won't) as well.
Northrop likes to call their facilities "Campuses" instead of facilities. It seems to give them more of a Thurston Howell appeal to the pipe-smoking ascot crowd with the captainís hats. Plus they can all remember back to their good old college days at the Delta House Toga Parties. Northrop overall is big on the P.C. stuff and wrote the book on Corporate Buzz-Word Bingo and support all the latest trendy social fads of late: "Win-Win", "Diversity", "Hunt With the Pack", to name a few. Here you'll find your senses assaulted (and insulted) daily with stuff along the lines of "Gay & Lesbian Eskimos Wearing Plaid Engineering Award" ceremonies and such.
The suits at the top like to parrot a lot of the Socialist BS coming out of Washington these days about Diversity and all. The old days of "Get the job done and take pride" are long gone. Form over Substance; It's not what you do so much as how it looks when you're doing it. Not whether the new ship you just built got wired right, or if there was enough money and time to do it. More like, "Did we have ďthe right blend of peopleĒ to wire the ship up wrong, with not enough time or money?" "Did we have enough unqualified and inexperienced Minorities, Females, and un-necessary levels of incompetent management?" If the answer's Yes to all of the above Ė allís well at Northrop Grumman.
While it's what you might expect from the 5th largest Defense Contractor, with over 100,000 employees, it could always be made better if they'd just have a few "Come to Jesus - Let's Get Real" meetings, scrap the PC crap, cut the dead wood, an get on with building best-quality defense products.
With Obama and his current Marxist policies and administration tanking the economy with outlandish spending, government takeovers, taxation, and regulation, we're quickly becoming more like the old Soviet Union. Pretty soon it won't matter. The 1/3 of Bust Ass True Workers can join the ranks of the remaining 2/3 and we can all just ride the big social welfare program and pretend to actually do defense things while the Liberals in D.C. pretend to protect the country while taking money from defense to fund their social pork in an attempt to garner the vote and cement their future political power. Given they now write the checks, that's the overall direction the industry will be steered. The question will be, "How will Northrop play the game and how might that affect you as a Northrop Grumman employee?"
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