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From VA — 07/23/2008

Great company! Easy to advance. I have been with them for 2 years; and I was promoted from JOBTITLE1 to JOBTITLE2. At that same moment, it was my 1 year review; so it was a double bonus for me; couldnít be any happier. I found out that I will get a 10% increase for the promotion; also found out that I will get a 6% increase for my review. (FYI, the increases are coming from 2 separate managers; previous & current. THEN they told me some BS that "you can't get more than a 10% increase; so my 6% was thrown out the window. My 1 year of service had no value apparently. By doing the math, I basically got 4% for going from JOB1 to JOB2. On top of all that, I get paid FAR LESS what my market value is (I did my research). Letís just say Iím making $8000 less than what others make. I just think its BS that ď10% is the maxĒ; thatís all I keep hearing. Time to move onÖ
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