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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Middletown, RI — 06/19/2008

Pay is only average. If you were to go a few miles north into Boston, you could expect a $20,000 pay raise. Respect is pretty high, people treat each other well, managers and co-workers. Benefits are good but not great. Fairly average for todays market, most places offer things like 401k matching, but NGC goes just slightly beyond by offering things like education benefits and a non contributory retirement program. Job Security is very good. They do not overhire/overfire at our office, unlike a lot of defence contractors.Career growth: As someone else said you can move up engineer levels fairly rapidly, the problem is if you want to go any farther than being an engineer, someone is going to have to die or retire. Location: The Newport area is great, it is expensive in the immediate area, but you can live 35 minutes away and get the cheapest housing around. Co-workers: A really good bunch of people, Competence is high and people are generally friendly and helpful. Work environment: Cubeland, like most places, but you work 80 hour 2-week periods and work whatever hours you want in those two weeks as long as you get your 80 (my favorite part of working here). The Dress is casual, most people wear jeans, dogs at work is ok. No hassles over taking time off, and the amount of time off is on the reasonable to high side of things. You gat about 1 day off per month of vacation time and an additional 120 hours per year that covers holidays/sick time. Work from home is a frequent option if you are into that kind of thing. If it wern't for the pay this place would be pretty much perfect.
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