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From Newport News, VA — 04/14/2008

The pay is great. Starting salary for Engineer I is 52K...56K if you have experience...Respect is high where i work (E56), they are very professional in that department...Benefits is very good...They have dental plans, health plans, insurance to choose from at a very reasonable prices...Job security is great...Some workers worked in the company for 40 years, some worked over 30 and 20 years...their sons and daughters work also in here...they have a flex schedule...As long as you can work 80 hrs in two weeks, its can work 25 hours in one week and 55 hours the next, its ok long as 80 hours is met in two weeks...
Potential growth is will probably make engineerII in 2 years and engineer 3 in the next 4 after that...Location is good, newport news, are all professionals, very very environment is excellent...its an office, new computer and nice desk....all in all NorthropGrumman is an excellent company...If you have a chance to get recruited and offered a job here, TAKE will not be sorry...take it from me...fernando corpin
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