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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From N/A — 02/24/2008

The work isn't bad. Pay is below average. In the defense field you can expect to be paid less than the comercial field. But based on research, and talking to other people who work for other companies in the same field, you can expect to be underpaid by $10,000 or more. The health insurance selections are horrible. There is definitely favortism in the company. Certain people get screwed on raises, while others make out better. Certain people get the nice computers while others don't. The company screws you with ATO (Holidays) and PTO (Vacation). They recently changed the system so that they took 5 days from your PTO and moved it to ATO. ATO is a use or loose situation. I'm sure it's a move that earned the company millions that year. You are rairly praised for the good work you do, and are very often critized for problems that may or may not be yours.
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