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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Linwood,NC — 10/03/2008

Paywise it's not such a bad place to work, rarely will you find a company that takes the safety of it's employees so seriously, hires w/o basing decisions on having that college piece of paper and still is willing to pay more than fair wages. Granted, T&E (Train & Engine) crew jobs start out a little lower but after investing a couple years even conductors make darn good cash.

Of course the benefits are excellent, even a smidge better on the nonagreement side. Career potential and growth is somewhat limited by what field you chose but not entirely becuase the company is really pushing for everyone to be cross trained and able to understand all facets of the company operation.

Location, lol, you can go anywhere in 22 states, where you wanna be? If you don't like moving don't take a nonagreement job though because to move up you will take a move with your promotions.

I wouldn't work anywhere else.
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