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From Cincinnati, OH — 04/27/2010

Okay, So I am going to review Nordstrom pretty much the complete opposite from any of the other postings on this page. I do not understand how the people in Cincinnati can say such stuff about the stores here. This company is fantastic! I don't know if it is because I and at the Nordstrom rack store versus the full line store, but regardless the management here is great! They take the time to sit down and talk with you about your career and where you want to go with this company and will help you get there. Our store manager is awesome! She will makes and effort to come in everyday and walk the store and say hello and how are you to every associate. All the department managers and assistant managers are great too. Every manager here has a sense of humor so you can joke with them and sass them and have a great time while at work.
The hours are you work are fine, a few more would be great, but 35 hours a week is enough to get the benefits.
When I went in for my interview they expained the company in a pyramid form as all companies do. Except that Nordstrom has an Inverted pyramid. so the small point is the corporate offices, then followed by district management and then in store management then associates. they explain it that they are "below" you so they can help support you to get where you want. And unlike any othe company I have worked for, they include customers in the pyramid. Because Nordstroms actually recognizes that customers are the most important part to a business and without them you have no business.
So I have to say, I really don't understand how anyone could hate this company. Maybe its just the Rack store in Cincinnati that has awesome management, and if thats the case then I am so grateful that I got a position at this location!
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