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From Midwest — 05/17/2009

Nordstrom is a great company to work for! I have been with them since I was in high school for the most part. I left for a short time to see what else was out there and trust me the grass is NOT greener on the other side!! I have worked in both the stores and the regional offices in Chicago and have loved my job the entire time. There are days that it can be stressful but I've always been able to leave it at the door when I walk out. I feel pretty secure in my job - of course anything can happen but I have made it through many cuts over the years. Yes it's retail so sometimes the hours can suck but you know that going in and if you don't then you shouldn't be working retail. I have been very lucky and have had some great bosses - the last two have been the best!! They both understand that you have a life outside of Nordstrom and have been more than accomodating. I've never had a problem with taking days off that I have wanted - there are certain times during the year you know you can't take time off but again that is made very clear to everyone right from the start.
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