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From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — 04/22/2009

I am lucky enough to work in an area not hit hard by the recession. I work in a high volume department and we're doing great as a whole. Most of us average about $18-$25/hour. I was almost $26 an hour last pay period. My managers are very supportive about my hectic schedule and I have seen people I was hired with move up quickly. My department is very respectful of each other and there is minimum coworker disrespect. The return policy has not been awful for us and while we see a good amount of returns, we know we just need to make it up in sales. While, I have seen a couple of great employees let go for issues with management, overall job security is good. If you perform, you get to work. Most of my time off requests are fulfilled and my coworkers will switch days if needed very easily. I am very fortunate to be a part of Nordstrom store 237. I love it... what I don't love is actually an internal problem. Employees from other stores lying about inventory for Direct-to-Customer sales. This is actually more of a problem for me than returns. I have had an employee at another store think I was a customer, tell me they have an item ask me when I am coming in for it, change their tone when they realize its for a DTC and reject the submitted request causing a very unhappy customer on my end. That's my main complaint and there's nothing you can do about it because people don't understand that they will be in that same position one day and perhaps that's why their commission stinks... what goes around comes around.
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