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From Providence — 02/18/2009

Pay- A bad economy and bad times overall make me grateful for a job, so I can't complain about pay.

espect- Give it to other people and they will give it back to you. Stop talking trash about others, grow some balls and say it to their face. If you can't handle confrontation, even about minor issues, then just keep your mouth shut.

Benefits- Same as any other place. Stop complaining. Everyone knows we need national healthcare.

Job Security- Do what is asked of you to the best of your ability, take initiative to prove you are above the regular folks, and you likely won't have a problem. Seriously if people spent as much time working and selling as they did gossiping and staring at themselves in the mirror columns, things would start looking up.

Work/Life Balance- Same as any other retail job. Stop complaining, or leave retail.

Location- Good, sometimes famous people come in.

Co-worker Competence- As far as managers go, most of them are pretty hard working and are usually there to help if you have questions. However, the few that prefer to spend their workdays huddled in the back stockroom talking about their nighttime activities should be fired for not only their incompetency, but their obvious lack of any work ethic at all. Not to mention a few of these managers can't even spell, or use proper grammar. Oh I wish I could name names! As far as associates go, most are friendly and outgoing. I get along with most of them.

Work Environment- Here is some advice: Go into Nordstrom for your shift, and just work. For the 8 hours you are there, try to keep negative thoughts to yourself, try to remember that others who are having a bad day don't deserve your mouth talking trash about them behind their back. Try to think how you would like to be looked at, and treat others that way. If you have a legitimate complaint or problem, go to the person the issue is with. If that doesn't work, go to HR or a manager you trust. Most of the time if your complaint is valid they will help you. If not, and you know you are being treated badly, don't stop until change is made. We all know that it sucks in general to go to work everyday, and top that with people having stress at home and in other areas of their life, and well you have one big group of moody people making the day just awful. Grow up people! If anyone is reading this, please go into work tomorrow with a new outlook. Bring a positive view, and it can be contagious! We are all stuck there together everyday, let's make it the best it can be.

I personally love it at Nordstrom Providence Place, and I am going to try and make other people see that they can too!!
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