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From TX — 06/05/2008

I've been with Nordstrom for 7 years. I've worked in the Rack division and full line. Nordstrom has it's pros and cons just like every place. I have my days where I want to walk out and never go back. But then I think about the fact that they let you handle your own business. If I want to do something like credit my customer for shipping because their dtc didn't get their on time, I don't have to call the store manager and ask permission. As for the cult atmosphere everyone seems to mention, it's more like trying to be a family. You are expected to say hi to all of the coworkers you come into contact with. If that's cult like, then I guess I'm drinking the KoolAid. All in all, if you're bitching about Nordstrom, then try going to work at Macy's or Dillard's. Then you'll sing a different tune.
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