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From Portland, OR — 03/19/2008

My experience with Nordstrom is the standard of how I judge my other employers. The company works hard to make sure the employees are taken care of and are compensated for the effort they make. I originally started in stock when I was in high school and when I ended up moving to Portland and applied for a sales position, they had record of my past employment. Throughout my four years I had three different managers, with very different styles. Some may have taken this to be frustrating, but I found it to be a challenge and allowed me to better develop my interpersonal and communication skills. It became apparent to me that I was in a great place when I realized how much respect I was receiving, not just from the customers, but also the management. My sales were increased as I made the effort to reach out to my personal clients and educate myself more on product. I keep thinking about how I really could have retired with them and made a very happy living, and with out having any formal education. Support from coworkers was mostly always there and the management was quick to recognize my extra efforts. The better I did, the more the rewards and respect came. I was asked to apply for management positions which made me felt there was potential for me to grow. The store was clean and efficient, as well as the back areas. Nordstrom definitely has a certain culture and want you to be a part of it. I understand how that worked for a lot of people and for me, it helped me also feel a sense of belonging. Course, I was still independent and knew better then to not get involved with the inside gossip or drama that can occur among the other associates. Retail does demand its sacrifices and those came from the long hours around sales time or during holidays. Balancing the social life, school and work was complicated, but that could have been anywhere. One Christmas season they did allow me to take off early to fly and see family; quite a rare exception. The store was located downtown making it very convenient to get to either by car or public transit.

In total, between the benefits, the pay, the respect, and the wonderful relationships I developed while working there, it makes working elsewhere pale in comparison.
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