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From Seattle, WA — 03/08/2008

WOW!! I have read most of these reveiws and I am disgusted to see Nordstrom having such a negative effect on these individuals. I have to admit...retail can make you pull your hair out at times. Sometimes the pay sucks, but most of the time it's a great living. I have worked at many different retailers in my time. I have had quite a few retail boutque positions as well. NORDSTROM is simply the best work environment you will find in the retail world. I have the utmost respect for my manager, the store and what we stand for. My co-workers are friendly, competative at times...but you have to be. We are in sales people....HELLO??? Sales!! I don't really care for the hours, or the fact that I usually have to work all holidays, but I LOVE IT HERE!! It makes me so sad to hear all the upsetting stories. I sincerely love what I do. My advice to everyone that hates working there now...LEAVE. Do something else that will make you smile. To those who left...You did yourself a favor. For whatever reason you and Nordstrom were not a match. For most it is. We are not a cult. We are a family. I love the way I am treated here, and I love going to work. Maybe other stores are different within Nordstrom but Seattle is SIMPLY the BEST!! So please to all you readers out there considering a job at Nordstrom. Take it from's a great company. If you want to grow with the company it is extremely easy. I'm a sale associate but I have two friends that have been with the company for 1 year and they are both Assistant Managers. The opportunities are endless!! This sounds so corny, but I have to stand up for my company. It's not BAD place to be. HONEST!
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