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From New York, White Plains — 12/06/2009

Ive been working with Neiman Marcus for years now....Ive seen the moral on a decline for the past 4 years, its sad, it used to be a pleasure coming to work...buisness is down and it shows on everyones faces..and the people upstairs dont seen to understand that we are still in a recession...dont get me wrong, im very happy that im still working for Neimans, but its weird I feel like im working for a Macy's or a Lord and Taylor now....when I came to Neimans it was amazing, class, sophitication, In Circle was a big party then and the customers would buy and would always come back to you dont even see the good customers anymore....What happened to the Neiman Marcus that used to be...Mr. Marcus must be rolling...excuse my pun..Im sorry but I miss the way the Old Neiman Marcus was...we worked hard, and we were all happy, in every dept. not just one..there was laughter everywhere, now your not even supposed to laugh...very sad in NY.....please bring back the old Neiman Marcus.....Oh and The Phone Calls to the customers,,,huh....all you get is an answering machine you leave a message and The clients dont even call back....but we are only doing our job we say....and then we get pounded that we dont get sad..
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