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From Vienna, HQ — 04/24/2010

I am brand new to NFCU so I have not seen or dealt with a lot of the complaints that I have read on this site. I have noticed, however, that a lot of complaints are coming from branch personnel than any other area. I understand your pain 100%. I was in branch banking for a while and know how it is very difficult to work for a supervisor/manager that is less knowledgable about the banking practices than you. My sister was a branch manager for 9 years with another lending insitution and other people were being promoted above her because they would network and get ahead. I think if you just stay positive and don't give up, something will turn out the better for you. Maybe it will be with NFCU and maybe it will be with another Financial Institution. You can't keep looking to NFCU for ALL of your promotional needs.

I was astonished at the amount of people working at HQ for longer than 25 yrs in some cases. I couldn't understand for the life of me why these employees were in the same positions for years on end. I keep thinking that there must not be any promotional encouragement from the staff supervisors/managers but the more I spoke with the employees, I came to figure out that it's not mgmt staff, it was the employee! They got SO comfortable in their positions, that heck... let's just stay. I think this issue was another huge factor in a lot of the complaints. Jr employees feel that Sr term employees run the joint. Well, I think that if you keep your attitude in check and push through, no matter the term of employement, should be able to speak or push you in a disrespectable manner. In Orientation I was told, "the chain of command is very important". I agree. I think that if your immediate is not smart enough or diplomatic enough to help you, then move on up to the next one. Don't be scared. No one can do anything to you! You have rights. GO to HR if you are upset. Bottom Line: Stand Up for yourself.

As far as benefits. I think they are okay. I was receiving insurance at a rate of $19/month. Here, I will be paying more. I am okay with that. The way the economy is, I would rather take the higher amount than to have to pay for it myself.

Pay wise, I think for a credit union, it is pretty good. I am not all excited about it, but it is okay for now.

On the matter of coworker competence -- I think that a credit union of this size, WILL have employees that don't know what workplace standards are. It is very sad but true. Managers are the first line of defense and if they themselves are not competent, then you are out of luck. I am very happy to have two great supervisors in my division. I am just lucky I guess. But I feel for those that are stuck with managers that are not good at their jobs. I have been in that instance before and it wears you down. My advice for those of you that have incompetent managers: Complain at a higher command. If not, then start looking for another career opportunity. Your health is more important!

Until next time.... :D
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