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From Virgini Beach — 07/26/2009

Pay= Pay is probably the one thing they use to keep you slaving for them. I have recieved a $3 an hour raise since I started a few years ago. When I started the pay was nice, and it keeps getting better.

Respect= If consider being talked to like a child respect, then I get tons of respect! It is bad when coworkers constantly complain about how management "picks" on them for every little thing. If you enjoy getting called into the office for things out of your control, then this is the place to work! They hire management who has never actually worked in your position.

Benefits: The benefits are second to none. This is one other thing that they use to scare you inot leaving. I cannot leave because I have yet to find a job with such awesome benefits.

Job Security: As long as you don't mind them moving you far from your home to work at a branch (taking you from the branch you lived closest to) then your in! They do not have "layoffs" but if you and your husband are stationed to another military town, they will not help place you at another branch. There are never any open positions, and they will not make one for you. All the locations are short staffed, but they claim there are no vacancies. Sure members wait in line 20 minutes to caash a check, or over an hour to talk to a represenative. Yet, they do not have enough people to fill every teller sation or every desk. When someone leave, they do not rehire for the position. They use to, but they are more concerned about opeing branches across the country than taking care of the ones that already exist.

Career growth potential: 0 They will not work with your schedule so that you may attend school. They cut the tution reimbursement more than in half. If a supervisor position beomes available, they hire from outside, or switch supervisors from branch to branch. They could care less about making an employee part of the management team. Your best bet is to learn all you can, and take that knowledge to another company.

Location: It was great....then without notice, they gave me an option. Switch to a branch farther from me, or look for a new job. No option, no discussion, I was already replaced. I have to drive past my location everyday to get to my new branch location!

Co-worker Competence: Most of the people I work with are very competent. Not management, of course. There are a few there who are lazy! But of course, these people spend so much time kissing butt, that they get away with it. What I have learned is that you are lazy, and kiss up, you will get more opportunity.

Work environment: The AC is always broken, you become so busy with all the members that you cannot even use the bathroom (you are frowned upon if you step out). The schedules are never worked out if you request a day off. Since most people working there are women, PMS runs rampid. I've never worked around so many back stabbers in my life. The Management team is worthless. The only part of my job i enjoy are working with the members!

Al in all, when I started with NFCU, I loved it. It has gone down hill. They are so concerned about being number one, that they leave the employees that have been faithful to the wolves. Alll of this might sound harsh, but it is my reality. Out of the 20 or so "friends" I have made with the coworkers, 99% of them feel the exact same way. In fact, many have just recently found new jobs. Pay and benefits are not everything.
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