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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Okinawa, Japan — 12/09/2008

PAY - The pay is pretty good for what we do. Sometimes there aren't many members who come in, but when the rush (Military Payday/Rent time) comes along and you're really working for that money. I'm a returning employee and my pay was raised when I was rehired, the pay scales changed over two years. I'm part-time and I'm getting a pretty decent paycheck.

RESPECT - I get a lot of respect from my coworkers, and I give it back. We are teammates. Sometimes we are disrespected by confused/angry/irate members but that's as much disrespect as I've gotten.

BENEFITS - Health Insurance, Pet Insurance, Paid Holidays, Employee Counseling/Help, 401K, etc. I feel that NFCU is trying hard to look out for their employees. If you resign then are rehired within 2-5yrs, you get to keep all of your accrued sick leave. When you resign you are paid out your annual leave balance.

JOB SECURITY - I'm pretty secure with my job, but I will be moving soon and there are no open positions where I am moving to, so I'm probably going to have to resign again. That's my only issue with job security.

WORK/LIFE BALANCE - I'm part-time and have enough time for myself with the way our schedules work out. I never feel overwhelmed with being at work for too long, but I do wish I was full time so that I could help out more.

CAREER POTENTIAL/GROWTH - We are continuously doing training online or even as peers. The more we learn, the more we are eligible to be promoted up. Overseas, people are always rotating out so there are always opportunities to be promoted.

LOCATION - We are worldwide (pretty much) and some still don't know that our branch exists. We have many locations stateside and overseas.

CO-WORKER COMPETENCE - We all start out not knowing what to do, but as a team we help each other learn what needs to be learned to function as a teller/member service rep. Plus small things are always forgotten--we help each other solve small uncommon problems by collaborating and remembering together.

WORK ENVIRONMENT - I love my coworkers, they make the work environment so enjoyable and productive. Our branch is so old though.
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