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From Honolulu, HI — 02/15/2008

I work part-time as a Member Service Representative in Hawaii. I live in Hawaii, so obviously the location is great!

The pay compared to other banking institutions is very competitive. Not to mention, part-time workers receive free medical insurance, a 401k with up to six percent matching, and the option of electing very cheap dental and vision coverage. Also, the Christmas bonus and end of the year PIP bonus is another awesome perk.

I think my co-workers are great people. The branch is very close knit with a positive work environment (for the most part.) It is as though we celebrate something every other week!

As far as the competence of my co-workers, that varies. Not everyone is college educated, organized, or efficient. Also, my assistant manager used profanity while on the podium at our Christmas party, which my significant other found to be very unprofessional and distasteful.

I think that the potential for career growth would be far better in Virginia at Headquarters. People here do not know what the University of Virginia is.

My biggest complaint would be the fact that I only work 25 hours a week but am expected to have my entire week cleared in order to accommodate the varying hours of the position. There is not much room for balancing work life with my extracurricular activities. In addition to not being able to compromise my work schedule, my branch just implemented a no switching shift policy, which makes it even more difficult to control my schedule. I wanted to volunteer at the State Judiciary and was told that I could not switch my schedule with other employees because it is not an emergency. (Keep in mind we would have been switching the same number of hours a day with the only real swap being a morning shift with an evening shift). However, on more than two occasions, after I was already given my schedule, my supervisors modified my schedule because they forgot to accommodate a co-worker's leave request. As a former retail manager who accommodated the schedules of 44 employees, this to me is laziness and disorganization. Instead of editing the schedule on a master schedule, the supervisors have the schedule changes written on a million post it notes scattered around their desks!

My branch has and I expect will continue to experience a high turnover of part-time workers. It is a wonder they would rather spend money training new employees every month rather than trying to retain the qualified ones they already have. There is no respect for the part-time employee.
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