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From Milpitas, California — 04/28/2010

NAVAJO was a good experience for me. My colleagues were competent and made me feel welcome. I supported important clients in the field of high tech. I learned valuable collaboration skills and became more accountable as part of a talented team. Customers kept coming back to NAVAJO too, which gave everyone a good feeling for the work they were delivering. Because they hired mostly very experienced people and customers were happy, I felt secure in my job. Even in poor economic times, the company seemed to keep a good flow of work. And during slowdowns, the owners always did their best to retrain staff and assign them to meaningful work so they would not have to lay people off--something that is rare in the agency business.

Having worked as a consultant in the past, I was used to having more flexible work hours. But given the demanding nature of the clients NAVAJO has, I learned to understand why it was important to have consistent work hours. At times, my colleagues and my clients counted on me to be available for early morning or late evening overseas teleconference calls. But the satisfaction I got from seeing my work published in the web sites of some of the most important companies in high technology was worth the effort.

NAVAJO also had fair benefits, including bonuses during good economic times and a nice off-site dinner during the holidays. But nothing else beat the great feedback I would receive from clients. Overall, it was a very valuable work experience. I would work there again if I return to the Bay Area.
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