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From Nationwide Central — 04/06/2010

Nationwide is obviously a company that experiences it's own fair share of ups and downs, wrongs and rights. We are still operating and providing coverage however the overall profit position of our company has shifted significantly over the last 10 years.

My role allows me to impact the outcome of the positions other's keep and I do what I can with mild ability to be fair and honest in an intense industry such as insurance. Naturally, leaders will always be lead by inner principles and thoughts, while attempting to implement corporate strategies amongst the workforce. I could certainly provide a descriptive breakdown on how I rated my position, co-workers and company, but ultimately I recognize people are at the heart of this business whether they are customers, regulators or compensated employees. That said, I have enjoyed my tenure with Nationwide and will continue to showcase the talents and gifts I have been fortunate enough to obtain over my years of experience, hard work and dedication to improving myself and impacting those around me to the best of my ability.
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