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From Carmel, IN — 01/10/2010

The experience at NW is based on where you are, who you work for, and what you are doing. You can work side by side with someone who is making a lot more or working fewer hours. There is a general lack of consistency that is driven largely by local senior management. If you are lucky you will get decent pay, but not great, and a good work life balance. If you work for the wrong manger, who reports to the wrong director, then you are in trouble. I have had times where I've worked way too many hours, I've had jobs here with good balance. I've had trouble getting the raises I had earned, and then later I had good luck. Again, driven by local senior management.

The story has changed in the last year. There is no job security at NW anymore. They are purging tons of highly qualified and high pay folks, centralizing a lot of jobs, and moving some jobs overseas. Offices are closing at an alarming rate around the country all while NW remains financially solid. I had finally found a great job, a great manager, and a great office full of people who are easy to get along with. Now they are closing the office and everyone but a few essential field adjusters are losing their jobs.

The days of decent raises are over. 1% is average for an achieves employee and more managers have taken the line that an exceeds is not possible. Promotions are few and far between. They are moving to a model that looks similar to Progressive. Few buildings, fewer employees, keep them in the low pay grades and work them until they leave. The bonus program is a joke, rarely paying anything worth mentioning. The one shining positive was they always had great benefits but those are starting to erode as they chip away at the traditional pension plan. This company is cutting people and money all over the place. If you are thinking of going to work for NW then be careful. They are not moving in a positive direction from an employee standpoint.
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