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From Dublin, Ohio — 08/13/2010

Unfortunately I am one of these CSRs who works in a call center. I was hired under the premise that I'd be taking phone calls from policyholders to make changes to their auto and homeowner's policies. Also I was told we'd be helping out the agents if they called. I hate every minute of every day of my job and this stress & anxiety has bled over into my personal life away from work. Every phone call is a PO'd policyholder yelling (and swearing) about their rates going up or how we screwed them by cancelling their policy (usually due to them not paying their bill). The agents call us and are usually pretty rude (some are very nice, but more are not). We are being paid to be whipping posts and have to take whatever is dished out. I can't imagine if I was an agent at a local NWide office that I would have policyholders coming in and sitting down at my desk and yelling and using profanities at me. I am licensed in Personal Lines. Most policyholders state that they call us instead of their agent because they don't like their agent. When a PH is with Nationwide Sales Solutions (NSS) we sometimes suggest them possibly going to a local agent to get the personal/one-on-one relationship and most of them would rather call us to handle their auto and homeowner's needs. That's pretty bad when you dislike your agent so much you would rather take your chances with a faceless stranger each time you call in. Also, many PHs are calling and telling us that the phone number to their agent no longer is connected and they haven't been notified (nor have we) that their agent is no longer working for NWide. A majority of our calls are from Agents who don't know what they're doing and when we give them an answer they don't like, they argue with us and tell us we're wrong! If you don't like what we tell you when you call the call center....don't call us. Figure it out own your own! I'm actively looking for another job and am thinking about fast food so at least when I get yelled at and sworn at, the person will have to look me in the eye and not be some coward from another state who has nothing better to do than to call us and complain about some claim that NWide screwed them on 20 years ago. I mean come on. Really?
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