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From Philadelphia, PA — 10/28/2008

First and foremost to the last poster, it is not fair to blame the layoffs on solely on a poor billing department. There are far more variables that you obviously missed. How can the billing department do a proper job when the sites, which obviously means you, didn't get the necessary information for proper billing? Need an example: How do you expect to receive payment for a patient when NO authorization was obtained or the authorization obtained wasn't for the test performed? How can you expect to get payment from an insurance company when the sites neglect to take the proper insurance information? Or the insurance info placed in the system was wrong from the start? Get the facts before you automatically place judgment. Everyone is responsible for the poor luck this company has experienced.

Pay: It's alright. Better then most. I'm sure it'll get better now that they no longer have the Maryland and Illinois sites to keep them in debt.

Respect: I get appreciation for a job well done. I believe if your doing what your suppose to be doing during your shift then that in itself has to account for a personal accomplishment and those around you that see it have to respect that.

Benefits: It's alright. Better then nothing and better then some. ALOT of people complained about the poor coverage. I hardly had the need to go to the doctors, thank GOD, so I can't confirm that the insurance was all that bad.

Job Security: At the moment, can't say there is any. But to be honest, it was a smart business move by management. If you factor in how much the rent cost at some of these places, then the salary of those employees, electric bills etc versus how much patients they actually saw, it wasn't worth it. They were spending more money then they were getting. No wonder there were no raises or bonuses.

Work/Life balance: I was able to get off when I needed to, which was hardly ever. Most managers were willing to work with you.

Career Potential/Growth: Some people said you had potential to grow within the company and others said no. I believe it depends how bad you really want it.

Location: Leaving blank intentionally

Co-worker Competence: Leaving blank intentionally

Work environment: For the most part, very pleasant. Most of the time your laughing. Sometimes you would love to tell the person next to you to STFU but isn't that everywhere. Your always going to feel that way no matter where you are.
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