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From Brooklyn, NY — 08/25/2008

The pay is average but it takes awhile to get to the higher pay brackets. You need to keep learning & networking. The company is becoming more and more out of touch with most of its employees as it grows bigger but they still at least give lip service to how much you are valued as an employee. Benefits used to be above average but are now just barely average. Job security is great but that may change after the recent National Grid takeover. Lots of management people passed over for a very lucrative Voluntary Early Retirement Option (VERO) and those that are still here remain in various state of disgruntlement. Most employees are on call 24/7/365 and that can be a pain at times. No OT for management people except at the very lowest levels or for selected shift workers. There is room to advance but you really have to network and suck up a bit. They had a big diversity push as KeySpan Energy but jury still out on how that will continue under the Grid. My current location in Brooklyn is fine for me but people born and raised elsewhere will have a bit of downtown Brooklyn culture shock to get over esp. if they come from non diverse locations. A lot of expertise has retired or left to work elsewhere and a large number of remaining people are just putting in time until retirement. Company is hiring more and more part timers & consultants to fill lower level jobs in IT, customer call center, meter readers, etc. It can be a pain to commute to my location in downtown Brooklyn via mass transit and driving is a horror show at most times plus you have to pay to park. The MetroTech building seems to be undergoing almost constant floor restacking these days as they are moving most people into tiny cubes to meet the Grid's standard for office workers. It's a wide open floor plan with no privacy for all but the highest management levels. I didn't encourage any of my children to work here as the company appeared to be discouraging white males from applying as part of the former KeySpan diversity push but I'm still hanging in after an over 30 year career so things haven't been all that bad in retrospect esp. since I thought I would just try this for a bit until I found out what I really wanted to do for a living. :-)
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