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From From near an airport and a mall — 04/17/2010

NCG is ok. Just like all jobs, this one has its ups and downs. Overall, I have had a positive expereince and love the work I do. However, it can be a bit much, especially when the company (or certain individuals in the company) expect you to work extra hours without being paid because it is the NCG way. However, in any job that you work we should always remember that it is just that a job. We should take time out to spend with our families and those who love us for us. NCG is just a job that pays the bills and should have it place just as any other job. My advice is to work your hours and then enjoy your life. Do not get caught up in the work or the forever changing policies that come form the SMT. RELAX, RELATE, AND RELEASE! Enjoy life while you still have a chance and do not sweat the small stuff.
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