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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth4
Work Environment3

From Virginia — 04/02/2010

After hearing about this website through a coworker, and reading the comments, it is certain to say that not every company as big as NCG can make everyone happy.
Negatives: Work/Life Balance.
I knew of NCG before taking the job and the demands placed and it was honestly even more difficult than I imagined. In order to capture hours when children are in school, you have to work nights and weekends. I believe in the work and helping others, so I can not blame NCG for this. It is the job. Am I going to stay at NCG forever? Probably not, but that is not because of NCG or anything they are doing. I just can't maintain this type of schedule if I raise a family.
Positives: The remaining categories.
Reading alot about "sucking up." There are many that I have come into contact with that do not "suck up" and are rewarded and respected for counseling skills. After interacting with the director and supervisors, they are not people that make it a point to reward people that kiss up. This company is no different than any other business, they look at numbers just like my previous job did at the CSB, but what I like is that you get back what you put in. The managers work hard and support me. They understand the difficulty of the position and do the best they can to help.
Overall, work/life balance is the most negative aspect of the job, but from my experience, it isi no different than any other agency that does this work.
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