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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From Virginia — 03/06/2010

I guess I sort of expected some of the site to be a reflection of disgruntled types, but its fairly obvious when you read the reviews and they slam the company with -5's. ha! I have worked for N CG for about a year and a half. The start was tough because its not a typical 9-5 job, so it took some getting used to. As for these reviews.... There are a lot of things people are just making up in their comments - So I will try and give as fair a review as I can, and you be the judge: PAY - its very good for people who have social service degrees. I could go be a case manager and make a straight 30K a year, but I make way more than that as a counselor. They have a lot of bonuses, incentives, and the harder you work, the more you make. RESPECT - the supervisors and director know how hard the job is, and they do everything to help you if they can. Its a thankless job sometimes from the clients, but the company treats its people very well. BENEFITS - its the best health plan Ive ever had, but its expensive. They give you 401 K and a ton of ways to get bonuses. JOB SECURITY - gave it a 5 here because it seems there are always more people in the world that need help than people that can give it. If you are clinically sound and want to work hard, you will fit right in. WORK/LIFE BALANCE - gave it a 0. This is a part that is a sacrifice. I wish I had more free time, as a counselor you are on call 24/7, but we are working with clients that have tough disorders. Its part of the job. CAREER GROWTH - definite 5. The company grows fast, and there are opportunities for you if you want to move up (business ladder or clinical ladder), especially if you want to move around the state. LOCATION - ha ha, I work out of my car! Its great, your schedule is the most flexible and your location is where your client is. CO-WORKER COMPETENCE - people are great, its a hard job, so NCG makes sure the personalities are positive ones since the job is so demanding. they ahve a mentoring program that is good, and the training is great. WORK ENVIRONMENT - this is tough, because you go to where the clients are. This could be a disheveled home, a school, a nice home, a living facility. You need to be prepared for anything (good or bad). Well, I hope I was helpful. Seems like its pretty easy to tell the sour grapes from the people giving and honest stance. Bottom line is: its a really great job for people that want to do clinical work with social service degrees, and you'll make a ton more money than a desk job at social services. Its not 9-5 though, its reserved for those who want to sacrifice to make a difference. I'm glad I work for a company that rewards that.
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