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From Roanoke, VA — 02/01/2010

I have been working for National Counseling Group for a little over a year. I am currently a supervisor in the Roanoke office and I can honestly say that this company has been amazing to me. When I finished my MA and started working at NCG I was mentored and guided by many amazing professionals who gave me advice that eventually earned me a supervisor position. Since working here I have grown professionally and have learned more than any classroom could teach me in clinical and professional areas. I have always been able to express my concerns to my supervisors and site directors and have constantly gotten back good advice or assistance with my problem. Our office is like a second family and I know that where I lack one of my co-workers or other supervisors excel in that area. Since working at NCG I have experienced the death of my father and my co-workers and supervisors were incredible as far as giving me the time I needed and helping me grow from the experience as best as I could. Home based counseling is not for everyone. When I was in the field I would work sometimes 60 or 70 hours a week but that was my decision. I am happy to come to work each day and know that I leave some of my clinical knowledge in my staff or help my client's that I still see through difficult times. It's rewarding work and an amazing company that I am happy to work for.
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