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From Virginia — 09/15/2009

NCG has been a gem to me, I've heard all the negative comments made regarding this company and have come to realize that the comments that are and were made are from people who still are employed here. what does that mean? If you're so unhappy the door swings both ways. We are not here to make you rich, we are here for the clients that we serve. The feeling of accomplishment and meaning you get when you see how your interaction has changed someone's life for the better. If your looking for a bank roll,,then you are in the wrong field,and i doubt your able to get a job at the fortune 500 hundred. this job is for people who wanna make difference in someone life. So i ask you to look in the mirror and ask yourself "what do i wanna do with my life"?, if its not helping others and reaping the benefits (emotionally,mentally and financially) then this job is not right for you and you may need to take up another career. NCG has been wonderful to me and so many others that have returned to thank our counselors for the wonderful work they've done, and its a company i strongly believe in.
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