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From Atlanta, GA — 02/01/2010

The people posting this junk here have no idea what they are taking about! Maybe bitter, but are not producing Cost seg. work. There are several dozen of us that migrated to National Asset Partners (NAP) and are extremely happy we did. Through all the garbage, slander and vengeful postings, National Asset Partners picked up the pieces of our jobs and got them finished and completed in a timely matter. I made money and continue do so. So have many others that I have spoken fact one guy made over $250,000.00 last year. There were times where some of my jobs took longer than expected, most likely due to the transition. I know for a fact that on many jobs NAP lost money, but completed the job anyway to help us affiliates out. All of us that had jobs in the CPC pipeline are grateful that NAP completed our work. They could have cut and run but they didnít. God Bless NAP!
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