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From Princeton, NJ — 01/05/2010

I've worked for several radio broadcast companies (all as a straight commission vs. salaried sales rep) and the only one I would consider returning to is Nassau Broadcasting. Lou Mercatanti is the CEO/major partner/owner and he is truly a good person. I'm not saying there aren't some of the normal issues you would face in any job, but overall this is a great company to work for. You are treated with respect, job security is generally very good and you are never asked to sell unethically. In fact, they were the only radio broadcast company that I have worked for that insisted on customer-based selling; never pushing a client to buy when it didn't "fit." I even won an award for turning down a big sale.
I know that the Nassau New England employees don't have the same warn feelings as those in NJ and PA; perhaps that is because of the local management or because these stations were purchased at an inopportune time (when B2C sales were dropping like crazy), but most people I know who have worked or do work for Nassau only have good things to say. I'd go back now if I were offered a nice billing list or to get involved with online sales. Who knows? Maybe I will. . .
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