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From kansas city, mo — 01/14/2009

It's a better than average place to work. Nice building, really nice covered paid parking. I have worked at other places where I had to shell out $50+ bucks a month for an uncovered lot and a long walk. This is really nice in the winter. 4 day work weeks seem to be available to almost anyone that want it unlike other places I have worked where they say it is available, but then you get there and it is only one department or a few people it applies to. This is great. 0% computer loan is kind of cool to. Like most companies there are crappy managers and good ones here but generally they are okay. Babies in the work place are fine - they arn't that much of a bother at all, I don't notice them much, they generally don't back stab you and plot against you. I like the people I work with - they are professional and it is a corial environment - can't speak for everywhere here though. There has never been any big layoffs here I am aware of - nothing like other places. Recently they did become sticklers for putting in your 37.5 hours - as long as you do that I don't think people bother you and yes the smokers now do not get their mandatory 15 minutes smoke break 3 times every day - but again, I see people taking breaks when they want to and people jawing, no different than other places. I don't see the work'em till there dead environment here - most people around me work 37.5 to 45 hours a week, that's nice.
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