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From Albany, GA — 12/10/2009

I have been employed with this company for over a year. In that amount of time I have met some of the best people the company has to offer. I have a phenomenal supervisor and a team always cheering one another on. People are caring and outgoing. You are given the freedom to pick your hours or transfer from one project to another. I am one of the blessed employees that works from home. I am given the luxury of choosing my own work environment and even taking my job travelling with me. You can earn the amount of time off you want for vacation and the potential for 2-4 raises per year is available to those who work for it. I am by no means a stellar employee; but even just being among the average there are monthly bonuses, awards, gift cards, cash rewards, and so much more to look forward to in every day work performance. They ask much of us, but they give so much more.
My experiences with N.E.W. and its many, many employees has been a wonder. Yes, I am capable of making more money elsewhere with better benefits. But they likely would not let me work anywhere anytime I want. Nor would the people be such a joy to see in our virtual environment each and every day.
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