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Job Security1
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From santa monica — 04/09/2007

Pay: pay is allright i make $18 for web admin services Respect: no respect in this company sence it was sold!! your a peice of meat to them Benefits:benefits all right a lil pricy but not to bad and you get the cool myspace profile beniftits Job Security:no job security this company is growing fast so you better hang on or get lost Work/Life Balance: not much family time sence the site does go down alot and ill be getting calls allnight to come to the office or get on my laptop and do somthing Career Potential/Growth: there really is none unless some one dies or gets to another dept outside myspace Location: awesome Co-worker Competence: yes every one is from college even tom! so its good there are no dumb people working here Work Environment: all right safe kinda a mess sometimes
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