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From Seattle, WA — 04/16/2010

Any review of Microsoft must be taken in context. Microsoft is a large company with several divisions. Large divisions like Windows (where I work) have dozens and dozens of sub-organizations. Every one of these divisions, and many of the sub-organizations, has a different culture, expectations, work-life balance, you name it.

Windows has long product cycles, with intense planning exercises at the front, and crunch times at the end. The work can be extremely rewarding (think of the impact: hundreds of millions of people use Windows every day), and your co-workers will be among the smartest you've ever worked with. However, the environment can be competitive: prepare to be able to navigate a tide of strong personalities and suffer disappointments!

Pay is above average, work life balance is much better than the "old" Microsoft. You will work hard but you'll still be able to have a life outside of work. Eastside (Redmond) is a cultural wasteland. And despite all the industry nay-sayers, Windows will continue to be shipping for a long time, so job security isn't a problem if click well with the environment.
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