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From Redmone, Washington — 09/08/2009

After working for M$ for 8 years, I know the company very well. Don't work as a FTE work as a "V" or "A" dash.

M$ Tactics.

The shaft and shift - Employees rate managers so when M$ gives you a lower review than you worked hard for (10 hour days) they will move you to a new manager.

The invisible leash - You have to get permission to interview with another group, which gives your manager time to call and let the other group know that your present org is hurting with people leaving and can't afford to loose any more employees.

Stay in your rut boy - After learning a few years of new technologies and being 3 levels of expertise above your current job, you are not allowed to apply for jobs above your current level. M$ says thanks for the free expertise sucker.

Bad economy bad pay - M$ preaches pay based on performance, but it's pay based on M$ profit. If there is a risk of losing members in good economic times, M$ pays well. If your in a recession M$ knows you are not going anywhere so don't expect a bonus for your 10+ hour day.

Open and Honest - You are expected to be open and honest to M$. M$ is going to lie their face of to you. Got a situation where you noticed M$ being dishonesty and email HR. You will not get a email back as M$ doesn't want evidence in court. Talk about your pay/bonus to others, M$ is going to fire you. The boss's friend who works a 3 hour day just got a 10K bonus and a promotion, you will never know as its company confidential.
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