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From Redmond, WA — 12/29/2007

I have worked for Microsoft on two occasions. Both for approximately 2 years. During my first stint, I was well rewarded for my efforts, but I had a hard time figuring out where I would progress my career after that point. I left the company to pursue consulting for a year, and after leaving I realized how good I had it in terms of work environment and benefits.

When I returned to Microsoft, I found myself promoted on the basis of the level of work I was doing twice in a little over two years. Both times it came as a surprise, showing that they value the work I do for them, and are interested in driving me forward at the rate I am able to absorb.

The work environment is not for everyone. You definitely have to set limits on what you can and cannot accomplish. There are also a number of people who lack the ability to define limits, whom you are in competition with for rewards. The good news there is that if you work smart, you can overcome their overcommitment with results. In the end it is the results that get measured, not the hours worked.
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