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From Redmond, WA — 06/06/2007

I've been at Microsoft since 1999. There were times that I loved and there were times that I hated. I've worked for 12 managers in that time...most good, some bad.

It has some ups and downs, depending on where I moved between organizations - it's what I think most large corporations are some corners with a few levels of sane management above you it can be great. But with a nut above you it can be hell...but then it's time to move away.

Pay is great, and Microsoft has a lot of respect in the industry. The thing that I've found compared to other companies is that Microsoft has the more capacity for going deep into a given area than anywhere else in teh world. Do you want to be the guy who knows everything there is to know about a given part of technology? Working for Microsoft can give you that option...which opens up lots of opportunities for moving outside the company to specialty software vendors.

The essential lessons learned from Microsoft for me is: keep moving around. Most advancement comes from landing in a new job and doing well...promotion ensues. If you hang around for a bit, inertia kicks in and it takes twice as long to make any forward progress.

Co-worker competence: the best in the world. Of course you're competing with them in a zero-sum pool of promotions and bonuses...welcome to the 21st century, it works both ways.
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