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From metro detroit — 01/17/2009

The pay is OK. It is competitive with other company's. my manager shows respect for all his associates, and treats us equal. I have worked for the company for several years, 4 years with my current manager, and have never felt my job was in jeapordy.
The new SAM scheduling program is great. You can pretty much know what you will work every week. There aren't allot of hours, but as a part timer, I can plan on being scheduled on truck days and weekends. This lets me plan my other activities around work.
My manager promotes people based on past work performance. I have to say he does a pretty good job of relating to and evaluating his staff. He has promoted many people, some to other stores, and some in his own.
The store I work at is only a few miles from home, and except for the christmas season, is easy to get to. My only issue with my co-workers is that some of them are lazy. They are constantly asking my manager where things go, but he is really smart in his answer. First, he asks them if they signed out a scan gun (which will tell you the location of items when you scan the barcode). You can tell he gets frustrated by the laziness, but he never gets mad. He won't tell you where anything belongs until you sign out he scan gun and try to look for yourself first. If you cannot find it, and you can tell him where it is supposed to go, he will then direct you within a few feet of the proper place (I don't know how he can remember where everything belongs and if its set or not). It is a great training excercise, and he does it without making them feel bad.
I guess my manager really makes it a fun place to work. If you give him a solid effort, and try your best, he is great to work for. He makes coming to work fun. Our assistant manager just came back from helping another store over the christmas season. She also is very organized. I never saw someone get so much done in such a short time. The two of them work very well together, and our store runs so smoothly. I read some of these other comments, and have to think, Is this the same company, because working at my store is pretty awesome. I guess I should be thankful for the managers I work for, and the fact they know what they are doing. Yes, it gets stressful during the busy season, or preparing for that corporate visit that never happens, but my managers make it pretty easy. I feel sorry for the people writing all these negative comments, it really is a good place to work when your managers understand what they are doing and what the other associates are capable of doing, and work within their limtations. How hard is it to be nice to people. I do think it is a little ridiculous that they want us to say hi to every customer within 10 feet of us. That is hard to do when you are working to complete the list of chores for the day, but I see what they are trying to do. With the economy turning, we have to become better at customer service so we can keep the customers coming to our store.
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