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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From New York, New York — 05/08/2009

The company itself is a well to do company with growth potential depending on what position you start with. The pay is quite a bit below the industry. I enjoy my co-works but the Management are unprofessional and talk about firing people while the door is open and everyone can hear. They talk about other employess while the door is open and there was time I over heard them talking about me. I feel that they just want to push you to make numbers and nothing you do is ever good enough for them. They hire anyone to be a financial advsior all you have to do is apply they just want to suck you dry of your market and then maybe they will keep you maybe they wont. The work from home thing is really for financial reps and does not apply to alot of other employees such as my self a recruiter.
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