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From northeast ohio — 08/29/2008

If you become a sales rep for this company there is a lot to consider.

Pay: when you first start its all peachy because you have a base salary and then after your introductory period it is commission based which can be tough. The quotas are pretty reasonable, but if you don't make it then you have to pay part of your benefits. And after a while of not making your quota you go bye bye. You also have to "rent" your office space and your laptop and pay other fees as well. Its best when partnered up with someone who does very well to split business. A relative of mine has been with the company for over 30 years and still only makes entry level pay, but she is not a sales rep.

Respect: Its average, the office I worked at was pretty mellow.

Benefits: The benefits you were pretty pimp, at least what I had.

Job Security: Don't make your quota - bye bye

Work life/balance: Pretty good, your hours can be very flexible depending on when you schedule appts with clients and such. Some days are mandatory like Call Day, where you spend the entire day calling potential clients.

Career potential/growth: Skies the limit with income potential, one rep i worked with made 6 figures his first year, but thats rare. As far as other positions, there really are no lateral or horizontal moves.
Location: Office locations vary.

Co-worker competence: sometimes they don't hire the brightest crayon in the box. Office managers will hire almost anyone they can to meet their recruiting quotas. And then they "help" them pass their exams.

Work Environment: Pretty average, good days and bad.
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