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From Rochester — 06/23/2008

Lets start out first by asking this question. How successful are you in this industry? If you are thinking about coming aboard with any Financial Company we have to consider our success rate for most employees. The industry average turn over rate is 90%. Meaning only 10% succeed.
MetLife and Snoopy is a wonderful company. The harder you work to create a practice not a business the better the pay off. I see complaints of the Annuity, however I ask have you seen our WMS? We as trusted advisors must uncover our clients true needs. This is done in our fact find. Those who critique the process have not done what they were hired to do. To make a difference in peoples lives, ask the questions they never thought about. At the end of the day we must face the mirror and either be happy with what we have done or not. Remember this is your practice.
MetLife gives us some of the best training in the industry. We are also not exclusive and may use over 70 different companies through our General Agency to provide our clients with the proper solutions to there concerns. The open door policy with upper level management and product information through the website or contacting your Wholesaler by cell phone folks is a wonderful piece to our practice.
I have heard the negatives and seen people come and go, but one rep told me this and I thought it was a great outlook. MetLife only wants those who will be successful. Reason why the standards are set so high. Always Laugh when one says Met should leave the investing to the Financial Professionals. Have you seen all that we have to offer? Let me know what company you go to and I will gladly call your clients and show them how a Professional works and the solutions we carry. I love Met and I am glad that the company supports me in helping to protect and save lives on a daily basis as this is a career of significant importance. What Part do you play?
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