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From Ohio — 09/15/2010

As a fellow financial services representative, I have nothing but great things to say about MetLife. As someone stated earlier (again, I'm talking about reps here) if you do the work, you'll be rewarded. Are you asked to put together a natural market? Yes, why wouldn't yout tell the people you know and care about what you do and how you might be able to help them. If a sibling was in a car accident tomorrow and passed away, would you not feel guilty about never explaining to them what you do for a living and how you could help them? I've never been forced into selling anything to anybody, family member or not. The support from my immediate manager to the corporate support has been awesome. The training is held multiple times a week and I feel like they do a great job of helping me grow and build my practice. As in any other "sales" job, you have to prospect. You have to market your practice and yourself so that you can build a book of business. Do you think a doctor opens a practice and starts with 200 clients? Of course not, he has to build that client base through marketing and referrals. If you do the work and have a strong work ethic, the sky is the limit. If your looking for a handout, go to the government and ask them for some help. As far as fees and expenses go, yes they are present. Go to the "bank" and get the same job. See how the payout compares while including the "free" office space. Nothing is free, all companies are in business for one reason, to make money. If Met gave everyone free office space, free hardware/software, free "franchise fee", free infrastructure, compliance, phone connections, brochures, admin. help, etc, than the whole company would shut their doors. If you want to go out there and be an "independent", go for it. Just remember you have to lease office space, buy printers, fax machines, internet lines, electric bills, a receptionist, someone for the admin. duties, etc. There is a cost to doing business and if you do it this way I bet it's going to be pretty expensive. The fact that MetLife picks up these costs for the firs 2.5 years of employment is awesome. In conclusion, if you have a strong work ethic, want to make a difference in people's lives, have some flexibility (I've never missed one of my son's baseball games), and want to control the money you make in a year, then MetLife has a great opportunity.
P.S. The former employee that worked for 3 weeks and then went fishing for the next 15 weeks while collecting a paycheck says a lot. With that type of work ethic and morals, it's no wonder you failed. My guess is you'll be failing a lot.
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