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From Ohio — 08/25/2008

For team members, pay is hourly and it's decent for people with little or no skills or for those who have retired. Full-time rarely is offered, but I know a few people who have managed it by coming in at 5 in the morning for systems or pricing. Utility workers make the least amount of money, but then they are usually teenagers and some of them supposedly never got their raises till they turned 18. Everyone is supposed to get raises every 700 hours (except utility workers it would seem listening to them) and it varies depending on whether the person is in service or the departments. I started at more than minimum wage and so I am making more than I did back when I was at a union Kroger.

Cashiers hate the floor team members (tm) because they can never find items for price checks quick enough and the floor tm hate cashiers because they never give the floor tm enough information about the item or tell the floor tm that the item isn't what the item is. Seriously. Respect is decent, but it will vary from store to store. Sometimes the managers have little feuds that sometimes involves tm being told to do ridiculous stuff, but that's maybe three times in over a year. Customers will rarely respect you and it's always your fault.

I know part-time people can get benefits, but I am not really sure that much about it.

You can have a life if you want it, but don't expect to have holidays off. I work almost full-time whereas people above me work half the amount that I work. However, there are some people who are full-time that work only in the morning meaning almost everyone else has to work nights. You do get paid more for holidays. All of my requests for a day off have been granted without question and I stopped adding excuses for them.

Sometimes you can get promoted, but I have yet to see a tm become a manager. I have seen it the other way around. The best step will probably become an LP. If you are willing to work at like 5 AM, then you can sometimes get full-time depending on the department.

Location is fairly standard and dependent on location. My location is pretty good.

Co-workers can be psycho and some can be stupid. It's always a hit or miss depending on your store. Most of my coworkers are decent.

Work environment is decent. Back of the store is always hot and it's hard to hear the pages with the constant beeps of the registers, but overall it's decent. The store is air-conditioned, but you can still feel a little bit too warm if you're throwing stock. In winter, it usually is a little bit cold.

A negative is that I have heard horror stories about union stores such as you can't use the bathroom while you're on the clock if you're a cashier. I don't see how they can enforce it, but supposedly they made people sign papers.
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