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From MA — 03/24/2009

I'm sorry to see all the negative reviews for Meditech, and NO I am not in management. I find it amusing that reviewers cite co-worker incompetence as if this is unique to Meditech? I think we have all worked at jobs in which there were people who unfortunately did not have a good work ethic or lacked the skill set to do the job well. True that starting pay is low, but I have gotten good raises each year and the end of year bonus is pretty good. Especially in this economy in which companies are having sweeping layoffs or outsourcing, it's nice to know that my job is pretty secure at Meditech. I have been very lucky in that I am able to work a part-time schedule which helps in maintaining the work/family balance. I am in a really great group and receive great feedback from management. What other jobs have you had in which you are guaranteed a raise each year, or are even EVALUATED on a yearly/quarterly/both basis, and also get a bonus at the end of the year? Friends and family members of mine lament that they have not gotten any raise in years, don't even meet with management for evaluations, and don't have the work schedule flexibility to be able to do their job well and have a good family life at home.
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