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From Westwood, MA — 09/01/2008

During almost 10 years at Meditech, I held three different positions in both the Service and the Development divisions. At various times I commuted to the Norwood, Lowderbrook and Framingham buildings.

I left Meditech for a bigger salary. I wanted my wife to have the option not to work should we decide to have kids.

The company favors long term employees and the starting pay is mediocre. If you work at the company 15-20 years you'll do alright for yourself particularly if you invest in company stock. At the time I left, I was making a comfortable but not fantastic salary.

The respect your receive depends on your management team. It's true to say that Meditech most appreciates people who keep their heads down, do their job, and tow the company line.

The benefits are fine but not fantastic. You'll start with 2 weeks vacation and get 3 after 2 years. Major holidays are observed. You always have 2 weeks sick time per year which accrues indefinitely but is not paid out when you leave. The health care is an HMO but it's decent and relatively inexpensive.

Meditech has a profit sharing plan in which they set aside tax sheltered money for you. It's not great but it's nice to know there's a little something since the company doesn't offer a 401K.

Meditechers live and die by the much vaunted bonus. After you've been there a few years it adds up to a nice chunk of change. It's Meditech's way of rewarding long-time employees. A 10 year employee might get, for example, a $13,000 bonus. If you've been there 6 months, its more like $300.

Meditech has never had any layoffs. The company itself is privately owned and stable. It does what it does well and it's hard to imagine that after existing for almost 40 years, it will disappear any time soon.

Unless you *really* screw up or are a complete moron, you will not be fired. "Problem" employees are often just passed off to another group to deal with.

I was never encouraged to work more than 40 hours a week. In the Service, I was actually told to stop working at 5:30pm and hand off any issues to the second shift. In Service management is pretty bullish on staff working 9:00am to 5:30pm. If you're a single parent who needs flexibility to deal with the occasional crisis, you might run into some resistance. In the Development I was expected to work an 8.5 hour day but I was given much more flexibility about when I came in and left.

You might end up in a group that's very social and your co-workers spend time with each other outside of work. In general, people are friendly and easy to get a long with. Most jobs are fairly low stress so I think that helps foster amicability. I made some great friends at Meditech.

Ambitious people will find Meditech's policy of promoting only from within to be a problem. In Service, if you're smart and hardworking it's not too difficult to become a supervisor in a few years. Any position higher than supervisor is much tougher to attain. Managers, directors, and VPs RARELY leave the company. The effect is that you'll work with a lot of "Senior Applications Specialists" and "Senior Programmers" who have been doing the same job for years. They don't have quite enough motivation to become a supervisor and they're not interested in finding another job. Some are hard working, others have given up the fight and are making an appearance just to get a paycheck and chat with their friends. They've been there so long and have so many connections no one is going to sack them.

As for leaving the company, once you've worked there a few years your skills will be in high demand. Hospitals and consulting companies are always looking for qualified Meditech analysts. This is especially true if you're willing to move out of New England where there will be less competition for jobs. It's not a stretch to say that with three years of Meditech experience you can go somewhere else and make double your 'tech salary + bonus.

Special note for programmers -- Meditech technology is proprietary. Don't listen to the HR spin; VERY few employees use anything but Meditech languages. If, however you decide to work for Meditech, you may see some benefits later when it comes to getting another industry job. Few people know the NPR language outside of Meditech.

A few years ago I would have said that the Meditech locations along I95 and I90 were great -- easy access, quite a bit of parking, safe. But with gas prices high and not falling it would now be REALLY nice to have the option to work in the city and take public transportation. I wouldn't expect that to happen though. Meditech is a white bread, suburban company staffed by suburbanites who love their 'burbs.

Like all companies there are both good and bad.

Offices, elevators, bathrooms, and kitchens are usually in the center of the floors leaving the grunt cubes on the outside perimeter by the windows. The cube walls are low so it's all very open and everyone should be able to easily see outside. You'll also be able see your co-workers all day. If you're sitting in an area with lots of customer service people, it can get a bit noisy. However, it's not like a call center where staff members are taking calls one right after another.

A number of the buildings have very pretty grounds. Parts of the Canton property are downright bucolic.

The quality of the cafeteria food depends on what building you're working at. Complaining about the cafeteria food (but still buying it every day) is a favorite past-time for employees. Unfortunately, for most locations, if you don't want cafeteria food and don't want to bring your lunch, you'll have to drive a bit for a poor selection of chain restaurants and take-out. Framingham is the exception; there are lots of businesses close by.
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