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From Framingham,MA — 08/25/2008

Pay: Been at MT since 2004, started at just over 30k base. I am now at 48k base, with profit sharing + bonus + stock, it's a total compensation package of around 60k. A lot of people in my bracket (MT is my first job out of college) seem inclined to not mention that total compensation point and that it's stressed initially that total compensation is geared towards employees who stay and contribute longer.

Respect: Definitely is based on whom you work for. Some groups are micro managed and far too hands on. Mine is hands off, independent work where you are given enough rope to show your skills or hang yourself.

Benefits: Pretty solid. Being single, I insure myself with HPHC for health and BCBS for dental for a total of $45/month. All major holidays off, as well as minor ones, like Columbus Day, MLK Day etc. Sick time, three weeks vaca at 2 yrs.

Job Security: Gotta do a lot to get canned. I am pretty sure the company has never had a lay off, which is a nice feeling to have.

Work/Life Balance: Very good. Never hassled for a taking a day off, or needing to work in another building for a day if need be. Never worked more than 40 or so hours a week. Usually take a 45 minute lunch, flexible schedule if need be. Am able to leave MT at the door when I leave and NOT worry about it until I return the next AM.

Potential/Growth: If you are in implementation, the turnover is high so it's a war of attrition to get to management. Whomever is left is usually promoted. Seems to me that hard work can get you places and get you noticed at the company. I am not in management as of yet, though it has been recently offered.

Location: All buildings are tucked within the 128 corridor which can make commuting lousy even on shorter commutes. The new Southcoast building is easily accessible from 24, 495 and 195 and is essentially traffic free. Howard Messing recently instituted a new policy giving employees with 3+ yrs service the choice to move to a building closer to their homes, even if their group is not there. Will be a nice draw for folks who have been commuting long times with these gas prices.

Co Workers: Ehhhh same as it is anywhere I'm sure. Plenty of lazy bums, but a good amount of people working hard.

Environment: Very open, which unless you are hiding something, isn't a big deal.

Overall, I enjoy MT. Will I be here forever? Probably not. But I find it comical that MT is so heavily bashed on here. I tend to think that most of it is from people with unrealistic expectations coming from college. MT is not perfect, but no job is I assume. MT does clearly state on day one that the company is geared towards longer term employees who work through the lean times, word hard, and put their name out there. Patience is a virtue at MT. For me, it's been easy, do some hard work, get rewarded and see where things go. It's also nice that in these lousy times, I know that my paycheck is safe getting to me every month. Anyone reading MT reviews would be wise to read the news by longer termed employees and not just the shorter ones that only extol the virtues of things that MT clearly lays out to them on day one, that these individuals feel they were wronged by.
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