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From Massachusetts — 07/29/2008

If you are ambitious and a risk taker with a much larger vision for yourself than what MEDITECH has to offer, you will take your MEDITECH experience move on and be paid much more. You have skills that the marketplace pays a much higher price for outside of MEDITECH. It's an incredible stepping stone to career advancement. Go onto LINKED IN and search on MEDITECH for pages and pages of former employees with MEDITECH on their resumes that have all gone on to do great things at interesting places, some of which have nothing to do with MEDITECH, healthcare, or IT. Plenty of success stories.

If you are more comfortable playing it safe you will stay and earn an average/decent salary with little to no pressure. For those who think you have any pressure there you really have no idea. You're being paid adequately for the amount of actual expectations and pressure you're experiencing. You'll have a great retirement. Buy the stock!

In my opinion, the problem occurs when you think you are a risk taker when really you're not. So, you jump after a couple of years to another job that in end will tap out at about $100,000 (if you're lucky) like a programmer or analyst job at a hospital, and then you sit there for the rest of your career. Then you've made a bad call because had you stayed at MEDITECH you would be much better off financially with stock options, a growing bonus, complete job security, the ability to easily transfer to other areas and departments, the option for part time, and a great retirement that you don't even need to contribute to. You might jump for the quick 10,000 to 20,000 through the door and I'm sure there are some that need that, but if you can hang in there you are much better off staying if you are a play it safe kind of person.

I think it's fair to say that the staff that stay at MEDITECH are afraid to take personal career risks for a whole host of different and often legitimate reasons. I don't mean this in a demeaning or insulting way, but that's really the truth considering the opportunities that are out there in healthcare IT and what is known about a career at MEDITECH. Are there a few shooting stars there who are playing it right using their rule book, sure, but the majority aren't headed up the career success ladder.

Staying at MEDITECH is what is right for them, and they have very nice happy comfortable lives. This might be the right fit for you too so don't feel bad about it and give them a chance. It's a win either way, but from what I've seen, if you're going to play it safe, play it safe at MEDITECH and if you're a risk taker with a strong personal work ethic then dance out of the place as soon as you have the skills you need, thank them for the experience and don't burn any bridges on your way out. Chances are you didn't come to them with any experience and they took a chance on you in the first place. It's too bad so many are so angry about it.
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