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3.8Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Canton, Ma — 07/27/2008

OK, so the pay is not great to start...I agree. I have worked there over 10 years and it is starting to pay off...90% of healthcare is paid for..that is pretty good, year end bonus, and the profit sharing plan is ok. I do wish they would set up an IRA thru the company, but that can be done on your own. If you can buy some stock, I think that is also a good benefit, as I think it is under valued. Just a few points on some of the posts...You have to say Job Security is a 5, you have to say the Work Environment is at least a 4, and the Benefits are at least a 4...even if you do not like the to get a -45 is impossible.

If you stay for a bit, you can be promoted and earn 100k a will never get rich, but in tough times like we are in now, you can count on that check clearing at the end of the month. I enjoy MEDITECH and truly feel it is what you put into it...if you do the minimum, than you will be be treated like an underachiever...Stick it out, you will be rewarded.

Most of these posts are by kids who have never worked anywhere...every job has pros and cons. Learn that or you will never be happy with any job.
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