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Job Security5
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From Framingham, MA — 05/18/2008

Just as a note, all of my responses above are based on my personal experience with the company (I have been there 2 years now)

The pay is what it is. I mean, you do know it up-front before they have you sign the employment letter you receive in the mail. I am a few years out of school, single, no kids- make in the mid 40's- I know I could be making more at other places, but I choose to stay. I rent an apartment from a friend of mine. I am not able to put away as much money as I used to, but I'm not living beyond my means either.

I found that in my short time I have been very highly respected by my co-workers and sometimes by upper management for doing a great job. They know if you go above and beyond in certain situations.

Benefits are top notch. Medical and dental is great. I pay less than $40/month for Blue Cross medical and dental. The retirement is strictly based on the company's performance, so I would suggest setting up other things in addition just to secure yourself.

Job security- great for two reasons
1- Unless you do something that is extremely over the top, you will have a job.
2- Healthcare is recession proof. Even in these tough times, the company is hiring.

Work/Life Balance- this is something that is always tricky in every company. I, for one, have never had a problem requesting time off and such. However, there has to be some sort of a limit on it, I guess.
I have heard some horror stories, though.

Career Growth- anyone will agree, whether you stay at Meditech or go work for a consulting firm, hospital, etc, the skills you learn here in just a short time of employment can be transferred anywhere. Hospital IT experience is always in demand.

Location- they are great for commuters. Pretty much right off major highways in the Metro West and Southern areas of Boston.

Co-worker competence: Depends what area you work in, I guess. I am in Implementation and we are not any kind of "commission" so we are all very friendly to each other and willing to help each other. I cannot speak for how it is in service, sales, etc.

Work environment- I guess I have just been lucky with my group. I have a great relationship with all of my direct management and know that I can trust with them, whether it's with a work related matter or something more personal.

Bottom Line is- I would venture to say that most of the negative posters here are younger college grads who have had it instilled in their mind by their college that they should be handed everything right out of school. I know this because I was that way when I graduated.

Sure, the pay is higher in other places, but you knew it all up front before signing on.

I have been given great opportunities thus far and plan to stay for a while.
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